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exe-eBook Creator 1.5

exe-eBook Creator 1.5: Freeware eBook compiler for TreePad files: creates stand-alone exe eBooks eBook is that it can be distributed royalty-free as a single file, since both data and viewer program are contained inside the program. Furthermore, a TreePad exe-eBook runs directly without installing anything! exe-eBook creator can also compile password protected and encrypted TreePad files as exe-eBook. Additionally: exe-eBooks contain a search engine, an options screen, zoom function 10% - 1000%, history back/forward, etc. An exe-eBook can contain

eBook Software 1: eBooks software PDF creator no experience needed this is full unlocked version.
eBook Software 1

eBooks software PDF creator no experience needed this is full unlocked version. Create PDF eBooks with this very easy to use eBook creator. No HTML experience required just type your eBook and let the built in editor do the work for you. This eBook software gives you the ability to change the font, add hyperlinks, add images, add tables and much more. This is a complete all in one PDF and eBook creator. There is noting more to buy as this eBooks

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Abee Chm eBook Creator 2.11: The program for creating eBooks in the CHM format quickly and easily.
Abee Chm eBook Creator 2.11

The program for creating eBooks in the CHM format quickly and easily. You can use it to create eBooks, documentation, software guides and archives with HTML pages saved from the Internet.

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StarSoft eBook Creator 2007 Standard 2007

eBooks and online software. Easy to install, easy to use, e-books made easy! Small file size for e-books. E-book content is secure, safe, and loads quickly. Add your branding information to every e-book you create easily. Comprehensive help system that explains everything in simple terms. Save your e-book settings so you can pick up where you left off at a later time. Protect your URLs in the Live Web Link version, the URL never shows. Create trial

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eBook Maestro FREE 1.80: eBook Maestro FREE- comprehensive eBook compiler to create non-commercial eBooks
eBook Maestro FREE 1.80

EBook Maestro FREE is a powerful, free eBook compiler that produces feature-rich presentations while allowing complete control over customization, security and features. EBook Maestro FREE offers a full spectrum of options for non-commercial projects. The universal simplicity of this eBook maker, reinforced by a feature-rich interface, strong compression, and complete control over the design of the final product makes eBook creation and publishing

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Ez eBook Studio 1.0

eBook, thus eliminating the need for any special software to view the eBook. Features: Advanced serial number generation/authentication. Password protection (Either Recurrent or Just for the first eBook load). Anti eBook copy algorithm for post serial authentication. Anti Computer clock tampering (Prevent Trial Fraud). Prevent or allow Copy, Paste, Print and more. You can add Trial and Registration capabilities to your eBooks. Personalize your eBooks

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EbookMaker 2.1: Software to create Ebook by compiling HTML page into a standalone .EXE file
EbookMaker 2.1

EbookMaker is a professional Ebook compiler software. It compiles all HTML files and included image, JavaScript, Flash, MP3, and video files into a standalone .EXE file. Ebook uses Internet Explorer to display its HTML pages, so readers don`t have to install any other software to read Ebook. Simple and easy to use, EbookMaker provides features to meet any custom need of an Ebook author for user interface, functions, and content protection.

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